Monthly Report for

 Web Traffic & Events during the Month of March, 2021

Each monthly report will give an overview of the activity with the web site in the following areas:

  1. Progress of Google Ads Advertising
  2. Past monthly online status and communications history
  3. Online traffic reports and breakdowns
  4. Ongoing Marketing Strategies
  1. Progress of Google Ads Advertising

Based on this report, your cost per click through to the web site is $.8058 cents. There are two (2) Key Performance Indicators in this report.  The money invested vs clicks to the web site.

It is my recommendation to evaluate your valuation of a new client VS the investment made in potentially reaching, then acquiring a new client.  In order to get the best measurement of success your call takers must ask each person calling or emailing in as to how they heard about Edna Rice Recruiters.  This will allow you to see (of the 183 clicks and 6 direct calls) how many potentially new clients you reached and added in March due solely to Google Ads.

2.           Month of March Online Status, Changes and Communication history

On the late evening of February 27th, the new web design for as moved from Beta Design and uploaded to the primary domain.  This move replaced the old content with the new design and pages.

Later in the month on the 20th of March, the IT team facilitated a move of the site to a faster enhanced sever to accommodate additional traffic and content.  This move did had a few issues that have been dealt with.

As Julie Hall was the primary contact during the design phase, Deborah Taylor took the helm as point in the ongoing progress of the Web site.  On March 9th, the Google Adwords were initiated and have been active since.

We are currently working on a redo of positioning programing on two (2) pages and the implementation of a new “Slider” for the front page that will be completed this week.  Additionally, when the last site move was completed, an issue with the forms caused by a Google limitation, made the removal of the “Forms” on the site temporarily necessary, so a new ReCAPTCHA key from Google can be initiated.  This addition is on this week’s to-do’s.

Posting – Several posts were completed including Facebook and the website.  This will increase as the modifications slow down.  Debbie is posting to LinkedIn.  I cam providing graphics for posts there.  A change occurred in early April to provide a better future display of news and updates on the website.

Communications during the initial month included multiple phone calls as well as 98 emails from Debbie to work thru issues on the web design tweaks as well as issues around posting of articles and information to promote the Edna Rice Recruiters brand. As we progress, this number should slowly drop as the flow of information will be focused more on future messaging, information releases, etc…

Search Engine Optimization – SEO is a key factor to remaining top ranked in the search engines.  Google is very important however, Bing, Yahoo, and AOL make up about 9% of the market.  We are presently focusing on Google and will incorporate other strategies in the future to capture more traffic from the “9%” as well.  (This mainly is dominated with the use of domains that contain the key search terms.)

3.   Online Traffic Reports and Breakdowns

The website is collecting information from several key data sources to track the following: 

  1. Total Visitors to the site
  2. How they got to the site, ie a link on the Internet, directly typed in the domain name, a result of a search on a Search Engine, etc…
  3. If from a search engine, which one and what key words were used in the search
  4. What pages they were viewing and how long these were viewed.
  5. How did they leave the site? Did they click an off site resource or just end the session.

These Key Performance Indicators will help us in the future to determine:

  1. Sessions– How many total sessions occurred on the website during the last 30 days.
  2. Users – How many unique site visits in the last 30 days
  3. Average Session Duration– How long on average did users spend on the site?
  4. Conversions– How many interactions and are they being tracked?

Our goal over time is to have in position 1 on multiple key phrases, including “Rail Recruiters” and “Mobility Recruiters”.

Traffic is being measured through both the website tools and Google Analytics.  Due to the move, some of the March information was lost on Google.  Below you will find several key indicators concerning traffic to the site.

The charts below shows where your traffic is coming from, including

Search Engines

The chart below provides the number of page hits ranking.  The primary is the entry page with the Job Seekers page #2. The # tag number sites are the popup pages.  I will rename them for accurate counts moving forward.

This final chart shows the exit info of users who

clicked on a link to leave the site.

In the future, the accumulation of the Key Words searched will provide a detailed report on same.

4.      Ongoing Marketing Strategies

Action plan for moving forward

  1. Be sure the Call Takers are asking where callers found their number and if they were job seekers or Hiring company’s.
  2. Ask everyone you come in contact with to give you a Google review!
  3. Let me know if you have questions concerning the report or need clarifications on any key factor!
  4. Moving forward, we need additional content for informative articles and any recognition of staff that can be of interest to clients and the Rail Recruiting world.
  5. If you see anything that does not look right or normal on the site, please let me know via text so I can address as quickly as possible.

    I will be working on the SEO every week and get some additional changes implemented.

Steven Carr