Monthly Report for

Web Traffic & Events during the Month of May 2022

1. Progress Report of Google Ads Advertising Acct 197-990-5800 – In the month of May 2022.

Looking BackClick here to view last year’s (May 2021) report.  Compare the Impressions, cost and clicks! It will launch a new browser page so you can toggle back easily.

Impressions generated by Google Ads in May 2022 April, 2022 increased to 32.9K impressions and 339 clicks to the website.  May showed improvement over the last three (3) previous months.  Cost for May was $197.63 compared to April’s $191.34, slightly Increased from April. Your cost per click thru was down to $.58 each.  Previous month was $.60. 

Google Ads Edna Rice May 2022
ERP May 2002 Google Ads 2

Previous Month of April, 2022

April 2022 Google Ads Report

162. Month of May, 2022 Online Status, Changes and Communication history

May 2022

May 5 : Debbie acknowledged receipt of April 2022 Report
April 14 : Debbie sent info for post to social media and website.  Completed
April 16 : Debbie sent info for post to social media and website. Responded with Graphic – Completed
April 16 : Amy Roch requested removal of Brian Miraglia from site.  Completed
April 18 : Amy acknowledged removal

FYI, Still not able to access Twitter.


Postings – Our goal this month for social media postings was not attained.  Posted two event

Communications – During the month of May communications were slow but so was the previous month..

Search Engine Optimization  Viewed reports from four (4) sources doing comparative analysis of competitionsstanding and keywords. Modified some pages to gain search trend advantages.

3.   Online Traffic Reports and Breakdowns for May, 2022 working with Google tools to utilize focused keywords used with greater frequency.

The website is collecting and sending information/data to track the following:

  1. Sessions– How many total sessions occurred on the website during the last 30 days.
  2. Users – How many unique site visits in the last 30 days
  3. Average Session Duration– How long on average did users spend on the site?
  4. Conversions– How many interactions and are they being tracked?

I am including the month of May, 2022 analytics report in the first two new graphics

Edna Rice May 2022 Google Analytics report 1
Edna Rice Google Analytics page 2

Please find the previous month of April 2022 for comparison

ERP Google Analytics April 2022
ERP Google Analytics April 2022 page 2

4.      Ongoing Marketing Strategies

Action plan for moving forward in June 2022

  1. We are seeing an increase once more in traffic from earlier in 2022. 
  2. I will work with Debbie and staff to increase the number of posts.

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