Monthly Report for

Web Traffic & Events during the Month of April, 2021


1. Progress of Google Ads Advertising – comments are on the graphic.

2. Month of April Online Status, Changes and Communication history

  • Early in April 2021, we worked on some additional changes to the website including a front page slider to replace the static image initially used.  Julie and I reviewed and corrected additional mobile anomalies possibly caused by the latest server upgrade.
  • Additionally, we had the Edna Rice logo redone in a much higher resolution for online graphics as well as future marketing materials.
  • The ReCAPTCHA key from Google was re-installed allowing the forms to be re-established, tested and put back into operation.

Postings – One (1) news posting was completed this month one the website. Facebook and LinkedIn.  Debbie is posting to LinkedIn to remain consistent with her process.  The new logo allowed the completion of posting graphics to improve in the future. Our goal for postings should be a a minimum of four (4) per month.

Communications – During the month of April communications reduced significantly as we moved forward with the new site and hosting.  As projected in the March report, phone calls dropped dramatically as well as emails between the Edna Rice team and Web Development.

Search Engine Optimization – SEO is ongoing and each page is reviewed to keep the software’s ranking of the content arrangement at the highest as possible.

Maintenance – Plugin updates and security enhancements were completed on the site to maintain a stable hosting platform to service visitors.

 3.   Online Traffic Reports and Breakdowns for April with the addition of Google Analytics

The website is now collecting and sending information/data from several key data sources to track the following:

    1. Sessions– How many total sessions occurred on the website during the last 30 days.
    2. Users – How many unique site visits in the last 30 days
    3. Average Session Duration– How long on average did users spend on the site?
    4. Conversions– How many interactions and are they being tracked?

    Let’s look first at the Google Analytics overall report: A comparison of March 2021 to April 2021

    Next, we are going to review the site traffic report internally available on the web site to see the traffic to specific pages.

    In the near future, we will be able to compare the month to month performance of both reporting matrix.  The Google Analytics is key to seeing the information we can not extrapolate from the the onboard reporting whereas the on board data holds other information key to marketing efforts and provides SEO directions and keyword data to increase your organic standing in Google and Bing. 

    I will occasionally included those reports to show a snapshot of who our referring sites are and how to improve content to continue the increase.

     4.      Ongoing Marketing Strategies

    Action plan for moving forward in May 2021

    1. We are on the right track but continue to gather information from the Call Takers as to where callers found your number and if they were job seekers or hiring company’s.
    2. Reviews:  Please share this link with all staff members so they can share it with their professional contacts, asking them for a review on Google.  The more reviews you have the more traction you will have in the search engines!
    3. Let’s plan next month for a live review on both the site date, Google Ads and Analytics, where I can produce specific reports on the fly to show you additional helpful data on traffic.
    4. I still need informative articles and any recognition of staff that can be of interest to clients and the Rail Recruiting world
    5. Please let me know if you want to modify or stop the Google Ads. 

    Your Web Designer

    Steven Carr