Monthly Report for

Web Traffic & Events during the Month of August, 2021

1. Progress of Google Ads Advertising – In the month of August 2021, your Impressions generated by Google Ads decrease dramatically from the levels in July due to the reduction of general Keywords to more industry specific.  The displays dropped from 21,000 to only 4,900 but your click thru’s were almost identical.  This shows a far more focused campaign.

The cost for the campaign was $.79 higher in August.

Edna Rice Executive Recruiters
Edna Rice Executive Recruiters

Month of August 2021 Online Status, Changes and Communication history

August 2021

Aug. 2: Correspondence to Debbie/Julie recommending the purchase of
Aug. 2: Debbie and Julie responded to email on domain
Aug. 3: Julie indicated positive to acquiring domain name.  Secured and notified.
Aug. 4: Correspondence to Julie concerning Adobe email – Advised it was a virus/not to open.
Aug. 4: Notice of July Monthly report sent to team
Aug. 4: Debbie responded requesting meeting to review Google Ads
Aug. 5: Debbie and I had a Team Meeting where we reduced the Google Ad words to a tighter focus on Rail and Transportation recruiting
Aug. 6: Tim Lopas advised on status of Bio’s and pics to be added to the “Team” page
Aug. 8: Debbie requested posting on RailwayAge article – Completed
Aug.12: Debbie requested assistance on LinkedIn graphic update – With Tim’s input, this was completed later in the month with the acquisition of a high res image.
Aug. 16: Debbie forwarded Julie’s email request for posting of SWARS event in stages later in the month – Completed
Aug. 17: Debbie forwarded request for posting of 2 posts she had on LinkedIn – re-posted on Web, FB and Twitter
Aug. 17: Lisa Togneri advised High res pic is being acquired for use on Linkedin and other marketing
Aug.18: Debbie requested posting of NARS Annual Meeting – Completed to Web, FB and Twitter
Aug.19: Lisa T. sent image to use. 
Aug. 19: I advised Debbie on the effectiveness of changes made to Google Ads. She responded.
Aug. 24: Advised Debbie and Julie of SWARS news release
Aug. 24: I notified Debbie of receipt of Google email concerning a duplicate notice of cancellation of Google Page. Debbie and Lisa T. responded multiple times to the negative of setting up a new Google Business Listing.  Exploring with Google and other Staff.
Aug. 25: Debbie thought maybe Maria had requested something. This turned out to be the case.  The email created was deleted and the original Business information now is active.
Aug. 25: Amy advised of punctuation missing from Logo remake.  This has been corrected
Aug. 25: Debbie requested a graphic for NARS event posting. Completed
Aug. 26: Multiple Emails from team members concerning the logo changes needed to correct punctuation – Completed.

Postings – Our goal of four postings was obtained

Communications – During the month of August, communications were steady as we worked through the addition to the team, a couple of web logo issues and ranking status. We are still waiting on Bio’s and Pictures for inclusion to the “Our Team” page.

Search Engine Optimization – SEO is scoring high on the software rankings which is leading to for SERP inclusions.

Maintenance – All Plugin updates and security enhancements were completed on the site to maintain a stable hosting platform to service visitors. I have been advised the Web Server platform will be upgraded in September.

 SEO Hint for the month  Back links – These are links to another website and links from other web sites.  The association page site is a great source of link to examples as is their links back to make the Search Engine Optimization stronger.  If you have a company who you work with and is not in direct competition, sharing links is a great way to help each other.

 3.   Online Traffic Reports and Breakdowns for August with the addition of Google Analytics

The website is now collecting and sending information/data from several key data sources to track the following:

  1. Sessions– How many total sessions occurred on the website during the last 30 days.
  2. Users – How many unique site visits in the last 30 days
  3. Average Session Duration– How long on average did users spend on the site?
  4. Conversions– How many interactions and are they being tracked?

Let’s look first at the Google Analytics overall report: August 1 – August 31st.

This was slightly lower than July (below), which again, is normal in summer.

Your Bounce rate is falling, which is good!

You still have a strong number of new users who, for the most part,

access you via mobile device, ie… Phone or Tablet

Edna Rice Rail Recruites in the USA

This is a custom Google Analytics report I designed to show you the mix of how people are finding you and which pages they go to.

Edna Rice Rail Recruiters

I threw this snapshot in of the most visited pages on your website.

Since March 2021, it appears most of your traffic is Job Seekers

Edna Rice Rail Recruiterss

 4.      Ongoing Marketing Strategies

Action plan for moving forward in September 2021

  1. Google Ads campaign has been modified and has more focused keywords to attract Job Seekers and Company’s looking for Rail professionals.  The overall traffic drop is due to the more focused Google Ads words.  Thank you Debbie!
  2. Posts are very important! Remember to use a custom “Landing Page” if you are reporting a specific event or want to measure responses to other marketing.  I can make you a landing page in a couple of minutes to closely watch responses.

    Your thoughts? Questions?  Feel free to call me!

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