Monthly Report for

Web Traffic & Events during the Month of August 2022

1. Progress of Google Ads Advertising – In the month of August, 2022, the cost per click was $.61, higher than the $.40 range the month before.  There were 11,180 Impressions less in August 2022 than July, yet we only decreased the number of click thru’s to the site by 41.  This shows that in August 2022, ads activity was substantially less yet the percentage of those clicking through to the site was up.  The total cost in August was $195.79 compared to July’s cost of 177.57.

Edna Rice August 2022 Report 1

Key Words used to display the ads on Google for August 2022, ranked in # of clicks

Edna Rice Keywords August
Edna Rice August 2022 Report

July 2022 Report

Edna Rice Google Ads Report July 2022
Edna Rice Google Ads July 2022

August 2022 Google Analytics showing Visitor Traffic and Traffic breakdown

Edna Rice Google Analytics 2022
Edna Rice Google Analytics 2022 #2

Overall Traffic& Views were up over July

but Sessions were slightly down. Bounce rate was lower which is a good thing.

Edna Rice Google Analytics July 2022 A
Edna Rice Google Analytics July 2022 b

Month of August, 2022 Online Status, Changes and Communication history

August 2022, Communications were limited during the summer.

Aug 3 – I sent the July 2022 Report
Aug 4 – Debbie acknowledged the report and asked… “Can you give us a summary of where you think our website has driven us additional traffic and where we still lack and could do better?  Is there a way to compare this to similar websites?” 

Aug 4 – My response, yes to the question can you compare to other sites.  Every click you see on your Google Ads report is a new person clicking into your site.  Then look at your Google Analytics and see the new visitors to past visitors.  Your ranking in your industry is strong BUT you need to do more digital marketing, ie posts!  Be THE resource for the industry as much as possible. In that same vein, having more content on your site, like you did for the job seekers in the beginning, makes you a “resource”. Finally, starting a industry specific job site that is not branded “Edna Rice”, but that could give you “first” access to job seekers information, could place you well ahead of the competition AND even make money from your competition.  Just idea’s.

Aug 5 – Debbie sent changed password for Twitter

Postings – Will resume in September, 2022

Search Engine Optimization – I reviewed the Google rankings and with Analytics for keywords.

Maintenance – All plugin updates and security enhancements were completed on the site to maintain a stable hosting platform to service visitors. I added almost 50 IP’s

August 2022 Jet Pack

 3.   Online Traffic Reports and Breakdowns for August 2022 with the addition of Jetpack, a WordPress root plugin. 

August 3 2022 Jetpack Screen Shot
Jetpack Stats

4.      Ongoing Marketing Strategies

Action plan for moving forward in September 2022 

I recommend obtaining an account with Constant Contact and start collecting more visitor information, ie..emails to build a contact database.This will enable every post to be sent, “by request” to potential clients on both sides of the desk.

Posting to Social media on a more aggressive basis will increase the “footprint” and help getting more emails in the database.  I will need the username and password if you decide to move forward with Constant Contact.
Questions?  Feel free to call me!

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