Monthly Report for

Web Traffic & Events during the Month of January 2022

1. Progress Report of Google Ads Advertising Acct 197-990-5800 – In the month of January 2022.

Impressions generated by Google Ads Increased from 6.19k and 183 clicks in December, 2021, to 21.1K and 422 clicks to the website. which is an increase of 14,910 displays and the increase of 239 click thru’s over the previous month of December, 2021. Percentage increase of Impressions by over 350%.  Click thru’s increased 230%.

Average cost per click was $0.46 at a total cost of $195.00 compared to 213 clicks ($195.00) in December. So we spent the same amount of money for a large increase in our marketing reach. January proves to be a huge success in reaching clients.

January 2022 Google Ads Report

2. Month of January, 2022 Online Status, Changes and Communication history

January 2022

Jan. 5  :I contacted Debbie to advise the December Report was published online.

Jan. 10 :Debbie sent the pictures from the NRC Meeting for posting online – (9 emails total) completed

Jan. 14 : I sent Debbie an accounting question

Jan . 21 :Debblie, Lisa and I exchanged emails about coming changes to the web site to increase traffic and usability

Jan. 23 : Debbie and I discussed streamlining and modernization of the site – to be continued


Postings – Our goal this month for social media postings was not attained

Communications – During the month of January, communications continued, building from the holiday month of December.

Search Engine Optimization – one of the reasons for the increase in the Google ads in January was the reworking of key words and “long tail” key words.  I continued in the month of January to add keywords and to groom the SEO on each page.

3.   Online Traffic Reports and Breakdowns for January, 2022 working with Google tools to hone keywords and rankings

The website is collecting and sending information/data to track the following:

  1. Sessions– How many total sessions occurred on the website during the last 30 days.
  2. Users – How many unique site visits in the last 30 days
  3. Average Session Duration– How long on average did users spend on the site?
  4. Conversions– How many interactions and are they being tracked?

Please find the report for January below.  Remember, this was a stellar month for Google Ad Words! I left December’s report for comparison. Bounce rate was a little high but to be expected with a big increase in traffic.

Edna A. Rice Transportation & Rail Recruiters

Additionally, I left December’s report below to compare with January 2022

Edna A. Rice Transportation & Rail Recruiters

December’s report below!

4.      Ongoing Marketing Strategies

Action plan for moving forward in February 2022

  1. Our “Online Marketing” is getting stronger with the new and aggressive keyword integration

    2.  Debbie and I will continue to work with the team to add content and value to the web site.

Your Web Designer

Steven Carr