Monthly Report for

Web Traffic & Events during the Month of July 2022

1. Progress of Google Ads Advertising – In the month of July, 2022, the cost per click was .490, slightly down from June, 2022.  There were 12.6 Impressions less in July 2022 than June, yet we increased the number of click thru’s to the site and saved $16.85!  This shows that in July 2022, your ads were shown to a better focused group due to key word changes.  So you received better results for less investment.  The slow down in numbers will probably thru August. 

Edna Rice Google Ads Report July 2022
Edna Rice Google Ads July 2022
Edna Rice June 2022 Google Ads Report
Edna Rice June 2022 Google Ads Report

July 2022 Google Analytics showing Visitor Traffic and Traffic breakdown

Edna Rice Google Analytics July 2022 A
Edna Rice Google Analytics July 2022 b

June 2022 Google Analytics showing visitor traffic and traffic breakdown

Edna Rice June 2022 Google

 2. Month of July, 2022 Online Status, Changes and Communication history

July 2022, Communications were limited to dealing with an issue related to reports.

July 1 – Amy contacted me concerning the Event plugin is working. She will be sending events soon.
July 5 – Debbie acknowledged the Event plugin status with Amy to monitor
July 6 – Debbie acknowledged the news of the June Report would be delayed a day
July 7 – I sent the monthly report link.
July 8 – Debbie acknowledged the receipt of the monthly report

Postings – We had no postings in July, 2022

Communications – July was very limited in communications. 

Search Engine Optimization – I re-evaluating our keywords based on some information discussed concerning recruitment sites. I added the top 3 to our marketing mix with Google and on the site.

Maintenance – All plugin updates and security enhancements were completed on the site to maintain a stable hosting platform to service visitors. I re-checked the Event plugin due to updates available.

 3.   Online Traffic Reports and Breakdowns for July 2022 with the addition of Jetpack, A WordPress root plugin.  I am including a snapshot of the latest information to show how many hits you have had on your site since April of 2021   24,658. If you would like to see the accumulated hits to a specific page, that is available.  Those below are just for the day and last months

August 3 2022 Jetpack Screen Shot
Jetpack Stats

 4.      Ongoing Marketing Strategies

Action plan for moving forward in August 2022 

  • We are making continued progress and rank high in the overall Rail Recruiting space online.
  • New Key Word approach is implemented

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