Recruiting Services

Edna A. Rice company has been providing Executive Recruiting for over 22 years, from our headquarters in the Houston, Texas area.

We invest a significant amount of time upfront with our hiring managers to define and understand not only the job requirements, but also to understand the company culture and what long-term results the company needs from a particular individual.

We validate the search criteria and define the scope of the role, including the position’s critical duties and competencies.

As specialists in the rail and transportation industry, we are most commonly identified by our service to Class I, Shortline, and Transit rail lines. However, the industry suppliers of these rail lines also make up a significant proportion of our client base, and we regularly serve manufacturers of locomotives or railcars and the producers of components for these large-scale assets.

Our field of service is remarkably diverse, as is evidenced by our work with bridge and engineering firms, port authorities, track maintenance firms, and railcar leasing companies, among many others, including intermodal.

Although we do tailor our services solely to the rail and rail transit industries, this realm is both wide-ranging and deep in its associated disciplines. (Is this statement perceived as limiting the company to Rail only?)

Key Questions For Hiring Managers

This involves probing questions as to where an organization is in their search process. We will ask the following questions, as well as others:

  • Is this search a confidential search?
  • Where are you in the search process?
  • Why is the position available?
  • What has been done so far?
  • Have you looked internally?
  • Are you running ads, using websites like Monster, or word of mouth? If so what has been your success rate?
  • Have any offers been extended and turned down? If so why?
  • How much money is it costing you to have this position vacant?
  • How many individuals have you surfaced and where are you in this process? We will need a list of candidates seen and/or under consideration so that we do not waste valuable time with a candidate already surfaced.
  • What is your desires time frame to have a person on board? (From this answer, we will outline the hiring process.)

Other Industries we Service

  • Freight Railroads: Class 1, Regional, Shortline Holding Companies, Shortlines
  • Commuter Railroads
  • Rail Transit
  • Leasing
  • Private Equity Firms
    (with rail/transportation holdings)
  • Manufacturing (rail-based)
  • Repair: Locomotive manufacturers, Railcars, Components
  • Railcar Switching
  • Intermodal
  • Fleet Management
  • Railcar Shippers & Supply Chain
  • Third-Party Suppliers
  • Engineering & Consulting:
    Civil, Structural, Mechanical, Electrical, Electronic
  • Track Construction: New, Repair
  • Transportation Infrastructure Builders
  • Port Authorities & Marine Corporations
  • Trucking
Executive Rail and Transportation Recruiting
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